Selected Class Projects

Theatre 470, Advanced Lighting Design, Spring 2009

This class was about the advanced concepts and practice of Lighting Design. We discussed many different design scenarios, tips and tricks, methods, reasons to use certain lighting looks and much more. We ended the semester with a design project of our choice, a theoretical show in a space chosen by our professor, which we would design from start to finish (on paper). I chose the stright play Sylvia by A.R. Gurney and had it placed in the Harvey Powers Theatre at Bucknell University.

Theatre 497B, Digital Media, Spring 2009

This class taught me about using the manual settings on digital cameras, as well as Vectorworks rendering, lighting and 3D rendering. While the camera was useful, I got the most out of the Vectorworks projects. The first was to recreate a Block Palace we were given, then light it in a few different looks. Next we built a mini light lab to test various angles of lights (I lit a park bench). Our final project was to recreate a picture of a concert in 3D and create a lighting music video from that 3D Set.

Theatre 485, Advanced Sound Design, Fall 2008

In Advanced Sound Design, the topic Fall 2008 was MIDI Show Control. The final project was to build a working model of a prior paper project. My group was working on Shakespeare's The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 1. This is where a ship is tossed about in a violent storm and then breaks. For our model, we built a modelbox with a portion of a ship. The ship was mounted on three Pneumatic Cyllinders which were connected to a Pneumatic Manifold. This in turn was controlled by a MIDI to Relay board and a 24v Power Supply. We also had an Expression 3 running 4 small lights and the whole thing was controlled by QLab which also ran the sound effects. For this project, I was in charge of the sound effects, Pneumatic Programming and the MIDI to Relay board. The results are best demonstrated in the video on the actual page for this project.