Master Electrician

Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl,
Penn State School of Theatre, Fall 2008

As Master Electrician for Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl, I generated paperwork based off the plot, created circuit and dimmer hookups, supervised the hang and maintained the rig once the show was running. I also dealt with a few practicals around the set and the challenges of running power to unusual places such as under the water tower.

Oklahoma, Mainstage Center for the Arts, Summer 2007

As Master Electrician for Oklahoma, I maintained the Rep Plot, which was also used for the children's shows in the morning, plus added specials as needed for Oklahoma. Since this is a small theatre company, I also programmed the show for the designer. The show included 2 StudioSpot 575s and was programmed on an ETC Express 125.

Aida, Mainstage Center for the Arts, Summer 2006

For Aida, I was originally Moving Light Programmer/Master Electrician. While programming, I was effectively helping the designer create the looks. He gave me the OK to consider myself his assitant. The show was done on a mostly Rep Plot with a few specials and projected backdrops. There were 2 Cyberlights and 2 StudioSpot 250s and it was programmed on an Express 125 console.